Saver Ticket Terms & Conditions

Please read our Saver Ticket terms and conditions.



1. Travel is subject to availability.

2. Season Tickets, Saver Tickets and Red Funnel ID Cards will not be valid if they have been defaced, are illegible, torn or tampered with.

3. Season Tickets and Saver Tickets may not be used in conjunction with any other discount card, or with discounted rates or other special offers and promotions issued by Red Funnel Ferries from time to time.

4. Customers who have mislaid or forgotten to bring a Red Funnel ID Card, Season Ticket or Saver Ticket at the point of travel will be required to pay the normal fare and no refund will be issued against a single or return ticket.

5. No refund will be made in the event of the cancellation or suspension of the Passenger Vehicle Ferry or the Red Jet Hi-Speed service. If the Passenger Vehicle Ferry service is disrupted Season Ticket holders may travel on the Red Jet Hi-Speed service for no extra charge, at Red Funnel’s discretion.

6. Saver Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. For Season Ticket refund information please see point 10 specific to season tickets.

7. Red Funnel Ferries reserves the right to refuse to issue or renew an Identity Card, Season Ticket or book of Saver Tickets.

8. Lost or stolen tickets must be reported immediately to Red Funnel on 02380 248595. A free of £25 will be charged to replace each lost or stolen Season Ticket.

9. All Season Ticket and Saver Ticket journeys are subject to Red Funnel’s standard terms and conditions of carriage.

10. My Red Funnel Rewards points issued to a customer's My Red Funnel account (or, in the case of season tickets purchased prior to 7 August 2015, monies on the pre-charged Travel Card) that have been spent will be taken into account when calculating any refund due.

11. Customers who are signed up to My Red Funnel Rewards at the time they purchase / renew a season ticket or saver ticket will earn My Red Funnel Rewards points against the purchase in line with the terms and conditions of the My Red Funnel Rewards scheme. Corporate season / saver tickets are not eligible to earn Rewards points.

12. My Red Funnel Rewards points cannot be used to pay / part-pay for season tickets or saver tickets.

13. E-tickets cannot be used to travel in lieu of a Season Ticket or Saver Ticket.

Specific to Saver Tickets

1. A valid and complete Saver Ticket must be shown to staff when boarding.

2. When travelling with a Day Return Saver Ticket, before the outward journey, the date of the travel must be completed in the space provided. Students Saver Ticket holders must also show their Red Funnel ID Card valid for the current academic year. Staff will validate on the outward journey and hand back the ticket for use on the return journey.

3. Student Saver Tickets are only available to those in full-time education. They are valid for day return travel and there are no route or sailing time restrictions. A passport size photograph and a copy of a course registration letter is required on application (Red Funnel reserves the right to check the enrolment status of applicants at any time). Red Funnel ID Cards and tickets are valid for use 1 Sept to 31 July (academic year). A maximum of 9 Student Saver Tickets can be purchased per student per academic year.

Specific to Corporate Saver Tickets

1. Saver Tickets are intended for internal use and must not be resold without permission from Red Funnel.

2. Saver Tickets are non-refundable unless agreed with Red Funnel prior to purchase.

All information is correct at the time of publishing. † Calls may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes. Call centre opening hours are subject to change without prior notice.